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Meet Our Horses

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Age 29.  Gray Polish Arabian.  Cute, cute, cute!  Doesn't know he is 29 but goes and acts like age 9!
Age 25.  Weight:  Not telling!  14.3 hands tall.  Buckskin mare.  Stocky, sturdy, and cute.  Queen of the heard.  Reputation for laziness which can present a challenge for riders.  Nice side saddle horse.

Age 29.  Strikingly beautiful, with a shiny coat.  Sleek build, outstanding equitation horse, sassy & playful in the field.  And you can tell she was hot stuff in her younger years.

Strawberry Roan quarter horse gelding.  Terrific trail horse proudly leads where other horses fear to venture.  Calm & cooperative with riders.  Nickname is "E-ore".  Complete slob while eating and will never receive a good house keeping award for his stall.

Flea Bittern Gray, a star among school horses, our gentle giant.  You will definitely need a mounting block.  Rolls in mud elegantly.  Calm and trustworthy.  He's a good confidence builder for the beginner rider.

An especially handsome, traditionally bred Quarter Horse.  Muscular  and sleek, he has sturdy legs, a bold head and the classic Q.H. butt, huge and powerful.  Nickname: "The Boss".  Is perhaps known best known for his love of pretzels.  Ridden side saddle also.

Rambunctious!  Moves forward willingly.  English or western.  No artificial aid needed.  Greatly enjoys trail riding.  Loves to play in water.  Also loves a peppermint.
   Mr. Bones

Tall Appaloosa gelding.  He's sophisticated.  Especially sweet & docile with people, calm & steady mount.  Humorous personality.  Drives too!

Cross between Arabian Quarter Horse and Gray Compact.  Attractive, fantastic jumper, & strong-willed!

Gone but not forgotten


Was a reliable, safe school horse.  Extremely happy in the riding program and adored the students.  A gentleman of a horse, much loved and greatly missed by those he touched.



Congratulations Emma O'Donnell, Patrick's new owner!  Many students are saddened that we sold Patrick but when they heard Emma bought him they became extremely happy for him.  Everyone at Singletree Stables wish you all the best with him!